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Abucow 83 Keys Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Abucow 83 Keys Wireless Bluetooth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Product Description

※ High-Performance Mechanical Keyboard:

Abucow's mechanical keyboard delivers an outstanding typing and gaming experience. With 83 keys and a round keycap design, it ensures fatigue-free usage during extended sessions. The responsive mechanical switches provide durability and consistent keypress feedback.

※ Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity:

This keyboard features wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, freeing you from the hassle of cables. Easily connect to multiple devices for a convenient and clutter-free experience.

※ Keyboard Backlit Control Lever:

It allows you to toggle between over a dozen lighting effects, giving you the freedom to customize according to your preferences. Immerse yourself in a dynamic gaming atmosphere with a variety of vibrant lighting effects.

※ Ergonomic Design:

Designed with ergonomic considerations, it guarantees comfort during prolonged keyboard usage. Experience comfortable typing and gaming while reducing hand fatigue.

※ Colorful Keycap Choices:

Choose from a range of colors, including white, pink, black, and orange, to match your personal style and preferences for the perfect keyboard aesthetic.